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Scout Hike/Camp Weekend, Bromham
28/05/2019 By Gary Sturrock


A warm Saturday morning 6th April 2019 and 20+ Scouts and Leaders meet up for a weekend hike/camp with a difference.

Scouts had prepared for this weekend over the past 2 Fridays, having planned the route, travel arrangements, food and kit.

The Bedford train awaited and off they set to travel to Bedford train station where the hike began. All scouts carried there own tents, bedding, food and eating equipment.

Once of fthe train a planned route was set and scouts started hiking. a good 7 mile hike to the County Campsite at Bromham where they would spend the night.

Half way round, lunch was the order ofthe day and a stop of an hour in beautiful weather before the final half of the hike commenced.

Arriving at Bromham the scouts immediately set about setting up camp, 2 man tents set up, stoves ready and an eveing meal of Army rations devoured the camp fire was built up and a night of fun and games commenced.

A dry night was followed by a breakfast sausage, eggs and bread (bacon was forgotten by the food orderer - Jacky Sturrock) so was missing off the menu. Tents packed down, washing done, kit packed and off they set again at noon for Bedford in a reverse of the route to the site.

A warm train and coffee awaited those who arrived early at Bedford station and the train home.

A tired set of scouts, some more than others, arrived back at St Luke's Church where they were met by their parents and the weekend completed.

PS Pictures also show the start of building work on the new Bromham Indoor accommodation lodge. 

Pictures attached.  

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